Welcome to the Magistrates’ Association

The independent voice of the magistracy

We support magistrates who want to keep their skills up to date and want the magistracy’s voice to be heard.

With the majority of magistrates as members, we are the only independent organisation in England and Wales advocating on behalf of the magistracy. We are fully governed and funded by our members.

We support local and national networking, provide free training and guidance and represent the magistracy at the highest levels of government.

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Richard Monkhouse BBC TV 26-03-15MA Chairman voices concern on criminal courts charges – 27 March 2015
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Pitbull terrierMA welcomes consultation on dangerous dogs sentencing – 17 March 2015
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On-the-spot fineMA evidence heavily influences Select Committee report – 12 March 2015
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RichardMonkhouseTVGrabPublicMA’s evidence heavily influences Home Affairs Select Committee report – 6 March 2015
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